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Item   Description Price ($US) Quantity
    K98 ZF41 Sniper.  Scope mount is fake along with rail.  scope comes with sun shades.  Rifle matches but bolt is questionable.   Email me for further information. $1200.00 OBO SOLD
G/K43 parts        
    recoil spring guide complete set with springs 65.00 SOLD
    reproduction muzzle nut 80.00 1
    safety lever clip original 35.00 2
    un-serial numbered mint firing pin housing proofed. late war. 160.00 1
G41 parts        
    G41 bolt.  Has been scrubbed.  bolt is stripped marked WAA 359 200.00 1
K98 Rifle Parts        
    bayonet lug and H band.  No SN or Waa 30.00 1
    un numbered complete ejector box, Waa4 (BSW) 35.00 1
    trigger assembly phosphate sear, blued trigger, complete 10.00 1
    Set of stock bands, sling and solid front band.  both sheet metal.  sling band scrubbed.  No Waa  no finish 25.00 1
    rear sight assembly complete, no serial number, early steyr Waa 623 45.00 1
    trigger guard screws, un marked. 5.00 each 2
    Safety levers.  some un marked, some have a SN (8042, 01 c, 53) polished, blue phosphated so on and so on.  No Waa.  inquire 25.00- 15.00 9
    Loose 8mm ammunition.  steel cased, copper wash, brass.  many head stamps to pick from poor to excellent condition. 0.20-0.50 cents each hundreds
    Original ammunition sleeves with boxes.  each sleeve has 300 rounds of 8mm in 20 smaller boxes.   5-1939 dated Patronen s.S.  1-1940 Patronen s.S. $200 each 6
    Original 8mm rifle ammunition in boxes.  15 rounds each.  two types to pick from "Fur MG" and "i.L." $10.00 each 84
    Original German 9mm pistol ammunition in boxes.  good condition. 2-1942, 1-1943 $30.00 each 3
    Original boxes of spent ammo 3.00 each 4
    Sten gun parts gun MK III 110.00 1

Please note, prices listed above do not include shipping or insurance.