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Item   Description Price ($US) Availability
Manuals Pic D 1865/1 December '44 K43 Manual (German) Reproduction 12.00 In-Stock
  Pic D 1865/2 October '43 G43 Manual (English) Reproduction 10.00 In-Stock
  Pic D 1854 December '44 Sturmgewehr 44 Butt stock Manual (German) Reproduction 12.00 In-Stock
Parts   K98 sight hood, thin stamped metal reproduction. 4.00 In-Stock
    G/K-43 safety lever retainer clip, look to be reproduction. 25.00 In-Stock
Blank Adapters Pic G43 Externally Threaded Barrel Blank Adapter
* Comes with three inserts (S, M, L)
N/A Coming Soon
Stocks Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4 G/K43 Stocks, Single Guide rail, Comes with Hand guard
* Beech wood laminations w/ white-glue
* No recoil lug, butt plate, or band spring
* Sanded to Military finish, no lacquer or finishing oil
* Laminations are 1/16th of an inch
$460.00 temporarily out of stock.
    AC45 K43 dual guide rail stock.  Comes with hand guard.  Same as above. $460.00 In-Stock
    G41M stock, no hand guard, laminated beech.   Coming soon
    G41W stock, no hand guard.  Same specs as G/K43 stocks above. $460.00 Out of stock.
    Other WWII Military stocks available.  E-mail me with your questions.    
Scope covers   Reproduction ZF4 scope covers.                                                                          2 types: For scopes with rubber eye piece and for scopes with out an eye piece. $55.00 In-Stock

Please note, prices listed above do not include shipping, handling or insurance.