Battlefield Photographs of the G43 and Mp44 Rifle in Action!

Page 4. the Gewehr/Karabiner 43 and Mp/StG 44 continued...

the following image is credited to Darrin Weaver, Hitler's Garands page 190.

Another Eastern front photo. two soldiers armed with G43's look on as a Russian prisoner is treated for his wounds.

A fantastic photo dated 16.6.1944. a sharpshooter of Panzer Grenadiers "GrossDeutcheland" takes aim with his G43!

here is a great photo shared by a member of the G43 forum, Tramuntanafeuer. here we see Volksturm one of whom has a K43!

Here is an interesting photo showing U.S. troops, one of whom is holding a G43 souvenir! (sorry, the quality is not so good!)

an excellent photo sent in By Robert Green of his father, Cpl. Ralph H. Green holding a Duv G43 he picked up in 1945!

A great photo of an SS formation showing two groups of "stacked weapons" the rightmost group has a G/K43.

Two more of the famous images from the sniper training facility at Doberitz, Elsgrund. the first with a G43, the second an Mp-43. note the experimental zf4 mount with slanted struts.

Here is an interesting shot of SS troops and an Mp-44.

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